Read this to know some important, but seldom-highlighted facts about Tom and Frank’s EZ Battery Reconditioning system. I have also mentioned precaution info, a detailed “consumer beware” section, and a primer that you need to know before getting your hands on the guide.

IMPORTANT: This is an EZ Battery Reconditioning review website. If you came here looking for the official website of Tom & Frank’s EZ Battery Reconditioning method and to make sure you get the 60-day guarantee – please click here to proceed.

While searching for reviews of EZBR online, I came across several weird websites that ‘claimed’ massive discounts, ungodly bonuses, and seemed a lot like fake reviews. I took all that into consideration and I’ve mentioned a ‘consumer update’ section towards the end of this page.

Here’s the thing:

I’ve bought hundreds of e-books, courses and guides online. And I have posted reviews about several of them online. Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for weeding out the crap from the chaff.

If you have any particular questions, or if you’ve encountered those fake scam, bonus and discount sites yourself – please let me know: info AT and I’ll contact them and ask them to take down the page. This method hasn’t always been successful – but a man’s gotta try.


Let’s proceed with the review now:

We cannot do without our gadgets, can we? We love to update our status on social media. Enjoy summer time lying under the shade of a tree, listening to singles from our favorite musicians.

Or go out on a nature exploration and photography journey. All our leisure activities and important jobs depend on our cell phones, laptops and ipods.

phone battery reconditioningWhat if midway through your work or fun time, the battery of the gadget hits the dead end. There is nothing better you can think of, except getting a new one to resume ASAP.

Such a hit on the pocket. Not to mention the anxiety and the urgency to complete what you started.

What if you were told you don’t have to throw away those dead batteries anymore?

There is a way you can RE-USE your old, expired battery, even after everything points otherwise.

Welcome to the world of battery reconditioning.

A Primer About Batteries

Batteries are a common household item. We all use them to store energy and power appliances and machines that make our lives easier. Batteries are therefore a very vital necessity in our lives.

Many of us don’t realize, but batteries are used everywhere:

  • Cars and other automobiles (including 2 wheelers and golf carts)
  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Generators and Inverters
  • Cameras
  • Tablets
  • Solar
  • Gardening Electronics

It therefore follows that those who use batteries should look for ways to get the most out of batteries. One such ways is battery reconditioning.

Unknown to many people, you can actually recondition your battery.

The question is:

Can battery reconditioning save you money? Is it really a worthwhile venture? Let us find out.

Batteries are a highly consumable commodity all over the world. Sadly, they are a costly recurring expense since they don’t last really long. Instinctively, when you pay for something more than once, you will look for a way of prolonging its life.

If you are looking for a way of prolonging the lifeline of your battery, you have probably heard of EZ Battery Reconditioning.

The EZ Battery Reconditioning hack is a professional system that was developed by Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson to bring to life any kind of end-of-life battery with simple materials that can be found in your home.

The system works perfectly for every type of batteries including Lead Acid batteries, Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Nickel-Cadmium (Nickel-Cadmium), Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) alkaline batteries and every other kind of rechargeable battery.

We’ll discuss the EZ Battery Reconditioning method soon.

But before that:

You have to understand that rechargeable batteries don’t last forever. There is a limit to the number of recharge cycles that they can take before their power is completely lessened and the battery rendered useless.

Why Do Batteries Die?

As we all know, your batteries don’t last forever. There are a few reasons they will fail – such as high temperatures which will shorten their life and extreme cold which will do the same. The more common reason for battery failure is sulfation.

Sulfation is the build up of sulfur on the lead plates in the battery. This build up reduces the batteries capacity to do its job and as it gets worse the battery fails. This sulfur build up also causes corrosion on the plates.

If your battery has gone dead on you or you think it will soon, you may be able to recondition it back to life instead of buying a new one.

You can test to see if it can be reconditioned by checking it with a voltmeter. If the meter reads from 10 to 12 volts you should be able to recondition it. Any measurement below that and the battery may be beyond repair.

Reconditioning batteries is NOT limited to car batteries. You can recondition most rechargeable batteries that we commonly use.

Since most battery manufacturers guarantee a lifeline of about 3-5 years on their products, it gives a many of us relief just to hear there is a way that we can prolong battery life; every kind of battery be it laptop battery, phone battery, forklift batteries, you name it.

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

EZ Battery Reconditioning PDFRenowned trainer and former employee of a golf cart company, Tom Ericsson partners with Frank Thompson to bring you EZ Battery Reconditioning course. A well-thought out and researched course, which teaches common, not-so-tech-savvy people, how to recondition an old battery.

In the 21-chapter e-book (PDF format), you find out all you need to revive batteries that go on your car, laptop, cellular phone, solar setups and much more.

The best part?

It takes it slow and easy.

Beginning with simple information on the types of batteries and all the tools you need. It builds on the basics. It has all the information you need to start fixing the old batteries, you had been throwing away thus far.

It also includes helping you find out the good batteries from bad ones by using simple equipment to figure out if a battery could be revived or not. Supplied with a step by step guide and graphic illustrations, the training course is easy to understand and follow.

It is a good investment for your technical skills. Just imagine the pile you dump each year, then calculate the buying and transportation costs.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide is a great option not only to restore your out of use batteries but for economic and ecological reasons as well. Research suggests nearly eight batteries are dumped each year by an individual in the US.

How many have you discarded last year? I know my count is more than eight.

Heavy metals like lead and cadmium end up in the soil or water, as the batteries rot. Why contribute to your own destruction? When you have an option that allows you to enjoy your gadgets without burdening the environment.

Not only does it teach you all you need, it walks you through on where to find the old batteries. At minimal to no cost at all.

Which means, not only can you revive your old batteries, you can collect more to fulfill your needs. Or even better, turn it into a business. Get the old ones, revive them and sell them for profit. What else could you ask for?

How Does The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Work?

EZ Battery Reconditioning ExampleThe EZ battery reconditioning program is a course that turns even the very tech un-savvy people into instant battery restoration experts. The course has detailed instructions and photos to make it easy to understand the concepts. The course also helps you how you can start and run a profitable battery reconditioning business.

The step-by-step guide describes the essential features of every type of battery and how to maintain them.

You can watch this video by Tom explaining how this works.

So it saves you money?

You actually get to not only save money but also get value from the course including the potential to start a money making venture.

Here is why:

  • You can save a lot of money from reconditioning batteries. A good car battery costs anything between $150- $500 depending on the car model. If you can remodel a battery, you will be able to get more life out of it and make significant savings.
  • The program is quite affordable compared to the value that you get from it. You can get the guide for less than $50. The value is immeasurable compared to the price you get the program you get it for.
  • There is a money back guarantee on the program. Tom Ericson- the developer of the program- is so confident in the course that he offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Overview of The  EZ Battery Reconditioning PDF

These are the things you are going to learn in the PDF guide:

  • How to give life to your rechargeable batteries that have lost their capacity to be recharged.
  • Guides to where you can buy deep cycle batteries that can be reconditioned.
  • Tips on how to examine batteries before buying. This will enable you to have more value for your money.
  • Lists on the different types of materials and tools that you need to recondition any kind of battery
  • Detailed information to help you determine if a battery is a candidate for reconditioning or not.
    How to start a battery reconditioning business and make money out of it.

Advantages of the EZBR Program

  • The EZ Battery Reconditioning method provides instructions for conditioning many types of batteries.
  • The program contains systematic and detailed steps and quality images and diagrams that make the learning process more interesting and easier.
  • You don’t need to have some special skill or education to execute the simple steps in contained in the book
  • The system doesn’t only ensure that you get to save money on batteries but also gives you knowledge on how to make money from the reconditioning batteries.
  • The program has a 60 day money back guarantee attached to it.

Disadvantages of the EZBR Program

  • You will need to be patient and dedicated to following the steps if you are to see any success.
  • Understanding how batteries work is crucial and you need to spend time studying the guides and taking proper precautions while performing the reconditioning.
  • The program is available only on eBook PDF. There are no videos for the program yet which is a bad news for those who learn well through watching.

Product Information

As of writing this article, Tom Ericson’s EZ Battery Reconditioning Program is at a Clickbank gravity of 180+ – which means it’s one of the most popular products in their entire marketplace. And of course, THE most popular battery reconditioning guide in there. Clickbank is the global leader in digital products, and if a product is one of their best-sellers – it means it’s tested, well reviewed, and appreciated by the audience.

Product Cost: One-Time Payment of $47

File Format: The product is delivered digitally in a secure members area where you will be able to download the main guide and bonus guides in the PDF file format – which is viewable on most computers and mobile phones. You can read the guide on practically any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Shipping Cost: None. Delivered digitally.

Discounts/Coupons?: None

Available in Retail?: Nope

Available in Amazon?: Nope

Refund Policy: 60 days unconditional money back guaranteed. Backed by Clickbank – the global leader in the digital products.

Security: Your payment will be made on a secure server hosted by Clickbank – which processes hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually. Rest assured, your information is safe and secure; with multiple PCI DSS compliance and SSL security certificates.

Where To Buy: You can learn more about the product on this website, or click here to buy from the official website.

Final Verdict

It is worth mentioning that working with old batteries has potential hazards. If not handled well, they can be harmful to health. You require high levels of precaution because of the corrosive nature of the chemicals involved. When working with batteries, you need to work in proper protective clothing in a properly ventilated room. The working area also needs to be dry.

You have to realize that the book is only available in eBook PDF format. There is no video yet. However, the book is colorfully illustrated to help with visual learning.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars annually for batteries when you can do with exercising a bit of dedication and patience. Tom has done a tidy job here and the investment you can make on this program is worth it.

The procedures are structured such that you don’t need any special skill or expertise to execute them. All you need is the book. The procedure is structured in a time sensitive manner to ensure that you are able to recondition your battery in under an hour.

Not only do they offer an amazing, easy to understand and immensely useful guide at a very reasonable price; they offer a money back guarantee as well. There’s 60-day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied. The guide comes with the guarantee of  the Clickbank system.


Consumer Beware

Consumer BEWARE Alerts About the EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Method is all over the web at this point – without attesting or detracting from the product’s supposed effectiveness, the problem with any item that gets so popular online is that many scams will start popping up in order to make a sale. They will try to bolster the legitimacy of the product with things like fake reviews or “exclusive,” limited time offer deals. Typically, the people selling the product get some kind of affiliate commission for any sale they make and will resort to unscrupulous tactics to secure their payment. Luckily for the consumer, however, most of these “scammy and spammy” tactics are not hard to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Below, we’ll go through some of the telltale signs that a product page is not to be trusted.

1) The “Fake” SCAMS

What we refer to as the “fake scam alert” is one of the classic tools in the lying Internet salesman’s bag of tricks. One of the best ways to make a site look like it’s not affiliated with the product in question is to make it look like that site is giving it a totally objective, non-biased assessment. What better way to do this than with such headlines as “Is EZ Battery Reconditioning ANOTHER SCAM!?” or “Is Tom Ericsson A Scammer?”, headlines specifically designed to draw your attention to them and make them appear trustworthy. Any kind of clickbaity title like these shouldn’t be trusted. What’s funny is that, oftentimes, you will open the page and discover that the text is just endless praise of EZ Battery Reconditioning, not matching up with the title at all! This lack of correspondence between title and the actual post is an obvious sign that a scammer is at work here – a genuine review would match up with the title and give the product a serious look!

2) The “Super Special, Extra Expensive” Bonus Packages

Pretending to offer some discount or special package is another trick untrustworthy sites will use. They will claim that, if you buy the product through their site, you’ll get a special bonus that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They could offer massive discounts, putting a value on the package of, say, $497 and offering it for $297. Of course, that valuation is totally false – much of the time the content they’re offering is available for free on the web, such as private label rights (PLR) or horribly written and unhelpful ebooks that don’t actually have anything to do with battery reconditioning!

They’ll also offer a bonus that they assert you have to enter your email to claim, but anyone who knows anything about Internet marketing will know what they really want your email for – that’s right! – to inundate your inbox with a bunch of spam and hope you buy one of the useless products contained within. Never fall for the traps laid out by one of these sites, and definitely never provide them with your email address.

3) The Fake Review Sites

Unfortunately, fake reviews litter the web. Sometimes they can be carefully crafted and well-written in order to avoid any suspicion, but much of the time the people employing them on their websites are lazy and the fake reviews are easy to spot. So what are some of the signs that a review is fake?

The most obvious sign is if the content is poorly written. This could be broken English with poor grammar and spelling if the person just hasn’t put much effort into it. Often, though, scammers will use what are called “spinning tools” that will automatically generate the content or take existing content and change some of the words around to make it appear unique – talk about lazy! Auto-generated or “spun” text will appear artificial and lack coherence. If a site appears shady, has shady text, then it’s probably shady – so just leave.

The most important part of a review is, well, to review the product. Ideally, this should be in-depth, weighing the pros and cons and giving a well-rounded view of what the consumer will be buying. How does a person write a review of a product without ever having used it? That’s right – they just write incredibly vaguely and hope it sounds good enough for someone to make a purchase. If the review is really vague and glowing in its praise (sometimes fake reviews will throw in one negative to make them seem legitimate), not telling you much about the product, then there’s a good chance it’s fake! The more specific a review is, however, the more likely it is to be real, so take note of how in-depth a review goes.

You may spot ostensibly genuine testimonials for a product. People will talk about their amazing experience, coming up with realistic sounding stories about how their car battery died and the EZ Battery Reconditioning Method fixed it and they were able to get on time to some important event they were going to. Most of us are trusting and we want to believe testimonials like this, but the problem is there are just so many scammers on the Internet, so it’s pretty much impossible to tell if a testimonial is sincere or not!

That being said, obviously testimonials that come from within a program can be trusted. Say, for instance, there’s a forum that only people who bought a certain product or program have accessed. Since they paid money, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they are going to want to give genuine feedback. If someone behind the “pay-wall” says that the program or product helped them then, by all means, trust them. This is pretty much the one caveat when it comes to whether or not testimonials can be trusted (the general answer is: no, they can’t).

4) Huge “Buy Now!” or “Download Now!” Buttons

I don’t know why scammers continue to use those big, flashing, “buy now!” or “download here!” buttons. They so obviously look very shady – most people who have been on the Internet for a decent amount of time will not want to click on them for fear of installing a virus to their computer! Nevertheless, we have to mention them here as they are one of the most obvious signs of a site that does not have the best interests of the consumer in mind – that is, they just want to make money and they don’t give a damn if you’re satisfied or not. They can take up the page, distracting you from what’s actually on it! Certainly, never click on them, and just leave the site as quickly as possible.

5) The “Download FREE Now” Alert

Watch out for sites that claim they will give you the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program for free. You’ll click on it and then realize the website operators seem to have gotten “free” and “risk-free” confused, most likely directing you to another site where you’ll have to pay money.
Before we continue any further, let’s get one thing straight: the price of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program is $47.00. You can get a risk-free money back guarantee for 60 days, but this is obviously not the same thing as paying nothing for the product! If a site offers to sell you the product for free, they’re most likely outright lying, hoping to get you to click on their page, or they’re giving you an illegally obtained copy. You should ignore these very shady websites and move on.

6) The Fake Discount Alert

A salesman tactic that’s as old as time is to pretend that the value of a product is much more than it is so a customer feels like they’re getting a massive discount, one that they just have to take because it’s such a good deal! Well, as pointed out above, the price of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program is $47.00 and will remain that way unless Tom Ericson himself decides to change it. These scammer sites will claim the actual value of the product is something like $157.00, which would make $47 a pretty good deal, right? But you’ve fallen right for their sales gimmick, probably inadvertently putting yourself on some spammy email list in the meantime and getting some irrelevant ebooks!

Keeping all of that in mind, say you stumble across a YouTube video that claims if you click on a link in the description, you will get a discount of 50 %. But you click the link, are redirected to a page and the price is…big surprise…$47.00. So much for that!

I truly hope that all of the above helps. Nothing annoys me more than people taking advantage of consumers! Watch out for these sites, and stay safe out there!