Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson – Creators of EZ Battery Reconditioning

Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson, developed an easy step by step system for everyone to recondition batteries of all types and sizes.

This came about after Tom, a former golf cart employee had an expensive month, having to purchase multiple batteries costing over $400, something that he and his family just couldn’t afford.

Enter Frank Thompson, a man who used to go to the golf cart business where Tom used to work, to collect their old dead batteries.

Tom Meets Frank

The next time that Frank came into collect batteries, Tom cornered him and explained his situation and right then and there Frank quite selflessly showed Tom how to recondition practically any battery.

After that they teamed up and developed the EZ Battery Reconditioning system, this brilliant, easy to use step by step system, allows everyone to recondition practically every battery that we own from the comfort of our own homes – this saves time and money.

Frank and Tom knew that the development of this system would be good for everyone who owns batteries, and that is practically all of us.

Not only to recondition our own batteries, but also for anyone wanting to set up a business, where they can recondition customers’ batteries for a fee or sell any reconditioned batteries that you can find for a fee.

Why Does It Matter?

As far as I am concerned the pros out way the cons of this ingenious system.

It gives us the ability to have our household equipment that use batteries, ready for use, even in emergencies, for example power outages.

It doesn’t take long to recharge your dead batteries, so we have power sources available wherever and whenever we need them, the simplicity and sheer convenience of this system is brilliant and should be a welcomed asset in homes everywhere.

I have only admiration and respect for Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson, the creators of this brilliant system are to be commended for their, forethought and dedication…

…To not only the environmental effects that old batteries have on the health of the planet, but to our hip pockets, proving once again that sustainability is something that we can all work towards.

Their brilliant creation, can be used anywhere in the world, it is literally the answer to everyone’s power needs.

Tom hasn’t bought a new battery of any type for over 7 years. Just imagine how much time, money and energy he has saved, not only on batteries; but having to run around, pricing and purchasing new batteries every time they go dead.

Let’s face it – batteries are a necessity for every worldwide household and business, they can be expensive.

Some batteries can literally cost hundreds of dollars, wouldn’t you like to save time and more money, I know that I would.

Especially when you add up how much it costs for every battery that you have in the household, I did and I was quite astonished – just how much they cost and how much my family can save just by purchasing this very affordable system, which will pay for itself in no time.

The thought that this brilliant system was developed after circumstances that we can all relate to, transpired for two men to develop the EZ Battery Reconditioning system out of the necessity to recharge a dead car battery is quite astounding.

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